We ensure that your claims are filed without any delay so that your workers’ compensation benefits are secured.

If you suffer an injury at your workplace and want to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you need to follow the workers’ compensation claim process. You need to complete and submit all your paperwork before the stipulated period to get the workers’ compensation benefits.

Failure to file the claims within that period will increase the chances of your claim being denied. Our workers’ comp attorney can help you swiftly complete the paperwork and submit the claims as soon as possible within the given time. 


Steps Involved in the Workers’ Compensation Claim Process

When a workplace injury occurs, you and your employer should act quickly and efficiently as the amount of time for preparing and submitting the claims is limited. 

When an injury happens at the workplace, you should instantly contact your employer. Your employer should:

  • Provide you with appropriate guidance and papers for filing the workers’ compensation claim.
  • Offer medical treatment
  • File the compensation claim with the insurance provider.
  • Comply with the laws of the state regarding the reporting of workplace injuries.

As an employee, you should:

  • Immediately notify your employer about the injury with all necessary details (time, date, type of injury, and how it happened).
  • File for your workers’ compensation claim, formally.
  • Seek appropriate medical treatment

These are the necessary steps in the workers’ compensation claim process; however, the process may vary according to the state and where you and your company are located.

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