As you Google “workers compensation attorney near me” you are likely to be in a dilemma – should you hire a workers comp attorney or can you file the claim by yourself. Based on the research you have done on the Internet you’d come across conflicting information. Some would say you can’t do without an attorney while there are several stories of people having earned compensation and benefits all by themselves. What should you do amidst such contradicting information? Let us now look at scenarios when you can file the claim yourself and scenarios when you need to seek help from an attorney.

When You Can Attempt to Represent Yourself.
While it is always advisable to seek legal help when you have suffered an injury at workplace. Here are some scenarios where you can attempt to represent yourself in an injury case –

  • The injury you suffered is minor such as a cut or a twisted ankle and it isn’t likely to have any long term consequence on your life

  • You have been able to resume work without any hindrance

  • You haven’t missed many days of work and wage losses due to the injury has been negligible

  • Your employer has cooperated with you since your injury and is likely to help you apply for compensation with the insurer

  • You suffered a minor workplace injury, such as a twisted ankle or a cut requiring a few stitches.

  • You didn’t suffer injury to a part of the body that has a pre-existing medical condition or you have contracted an illness that can lead to serious problems in the future.

When Should You Get in Touch With An Attorney?
If there is slightest of complexities with respect to your situation you should immediately get in touch with an attorney to offer you legal guidance and representation. Here are the scenarios where you need a top-rated attorney to represent you –

  • Your injury is serious and would require medication, therapies and rehabilitation for a long period of time

  • You have missed several days at work and have had to bear wage losses for an extended period

  • Your injury or illness prevents you from working in the same role prior to your injury/illness

  • Your physical movements have been restricted severely due to the injury

  • Your employer has refused to cover all your medical bills and wage losses

To sum up, the decision of hiring an attorney or representing yourself should be based upon the exact nature and serious nature of the injury. You can follow the above guide to choose the right path. However if you have the slightest doubt in your mind regarding filing the claim you should immediately get in touch with an attorney.