I have referred many of my patients to Farnsworth law firm. Arjuna Farnsworth is an extremely knowledgeable and tenacious workers compensation attorney. He has an unwavering and steadfast approach for his clients, always keeping their best interest in mind. I have not once had any my patients say anything but praise for his professionalism and most importantly the results which are very favorable.

DocDarien D.

Attorney Farnsworth is an angel sent from heaven. I will be forever grateful for his excellent services. I can now sleep at night. Thank you!

Natalie Wright

I appreciated my attorney/client relationship with Mr Farnsworth. It really felt like he cared about me and my case. I am very thankful for his diligence and hard work on my case.

Sheila Miller

I have been a client of Mr.  Farnsworth for 20 years and I highly recommend him.  I have recommended him to fellow firefighters and police officers and they have all been grateful for his excellent representation.   He has represented me in several claims and continues to represent me.  He is honest and  always upfront about the issues and works hard to get the best outcome.

Rodrick Woods

I first met Arjuna Farnsworth 8 years ago at the big employee rights law firm, Boxer Gerson.  He represented a friend of mine in a Workers Compensation case against a Bay Area-based, global pharma company that was a formidable adversary and dismissive of injured employee rights.  Farnsworth went at them head on and won.  It was really impressive.


Farnsworth has opened his own firm and the Farnsworth Law Group is now representing me in a WC matter against my employer who is an equally dismissive and determined adversary of the rights of injured employees. Only a highly experienced, Certified Workers Compensation Attorney with the depth of knowledge, skill, judgement and fierce determination of Farnsworth can win such cases.


Farnsworth is not intimidated by prominent employers and speaks truth to power.  This guy works for his clients, believes in what he’s doing, and it shows in the results he delivers. I am blessed that he is representing me.


I heard through word of mouth about an attorney by the name of Arjuna Farnsworth through employees I worked with and by other attorneys I have done business with. Everything that I heard about Arjuna Farnsworth was true. He not only settled my case on a timely manner, but Arjuna Farnsworth took the extra effort to make sure my future medical needs were also addressed.

Michael Leonard
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