Passionately Advocating
and Fighting for Your Rights

Arjuna H. Farnsworth Esq. at Farnworth Law Group is a professional Work Injury Attorney who is a life-long Marin County resident. He is passionate about fighting for the rights of the injured or sick workers, because he grew up in a low-income family. Working as a waiter and landscape laborer to earn money to pay for his education, he uniquely appreciated the stress and struggle of the working woman and man who is injured on the job and needs legal support.

He is a trained and certified specialist workers comp attorney in Marin County with more than fifteen years of experience in the field. He helps everyday workers like you realize their rights in case of workplace injury and file relevant claims to sustain their families.

Educational Background

Arjuna H. Farnsworth Esq. graduated cum Laude from UC Santa Barbara in 2000 with honors in BA Political Science. He graduated from the UC Hastings Law School in 2003.  He was sworn into practice by the California Bar in 2003. 

His Achievements

Since his early career, he received appreciation for his outstanding achievements in the field of law and especially for handling workers compensation cases. He received the California Super Lawyers Rising Star award for 2005 to 2007. He also made it to the list of San Francisco Magazine’s top young attorneys 2011. 

His Experience as Workers’ Compensation Attorney Marin County

During his career, he worked on more than 4,000 workers compensation cases and 400 plus trials to help the workers win their workers’ compensation benefits. With his specialized knowledge and experience of workers’ compensation law, he provides expert guidance and assistance to people filing a case. Mr. Farnsworth takes charge of the case from the first phase till the final verdict.

He has specialized knowledge and experience regarding safety officers and the legal presumptions they enjoy.  He is also a PERS disability retirement specialist. 

Other Achievements

Arjuna H. Farnsworth Esq. is a frequent speaker for CAAA, MedLink, Exam Works, Califormia Bar Workers Compensation section where he is highly regarded for his contributions. For more than a decade, he has been providing training to new and experienced attorneys. He also supports Marin Legal Aid with pro bono services and volunteers for the Mill Valley Soccer Club.

A Glimpse of His Personal Life

In personal Life, he is loving, caring, and a father of three daughters and a son. He is a travel enthusiast and traveled extensively through different destinations in the world. He loves fishing and cooking. He is a huge fan and supporter of local sports and enjoys coaching his daughters in soccer and basketball.